Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's Age of Aquarious!

It feels like an era since I've posted. Kinda got lost in a world of computer games and assignmenting. Before you judge by computer games I mean Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Grand Theft Auto 4. Ok, yeah, I'm still a game geek no matter what games they are. Anyway they are good games and if you haven't got them and can get them. Well, you should be out buying them instead of reading this crummy blog!

Oh great, now that I've said that I've run out of stuff to say, my mind has been poisened by T.V. and computer games. Which made me just think of really weird sentence/quote, here it comes: 'We are all computer game nerds at heart just some of us don't know how to turn a computer on.' Remember that quote for when I'm rich and famous, so you can be all like "Hey, I read that guys blog" and all the girls will be like "Oh my god you're so cool now I'm going to have to have sex with you!" .... You know how it is.

Anyway with that I shall leave on a high note, I should return sooner than the last post, probably tomorrow actually. So have a good night all, and thanks for reading!

Random Phone Number: 1800-CALLME

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