Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do You Want Me to Change?

Don't you hate it when you soap the bottom of your feet in the shower and then they become all slippery and you can't walk around with being worried about slipping over.

Or, when you're caught on the train with some overly loud, obnoxious couple who just must include you, a random passenger, in every thing they talk about.

OR, when someone attacks you because of your mannerisms when it's pretty obvious you change them. G'day Mate.

Or, when you realise that your project was due yesterday.

Or, when the train leaves just as you arrive at the station. (Happened to me twice today)

Or, when your dog actually does eat your homework.

Or, when you finish the book and the final words are "To be continued."

Or, when someone asks you "Is this the cleveland line?" just after the announcer calls out "This is the cleveland line."

Looks like I hate alot of things, and I probably do, and you probably do and as long as it's not me I'm fine with that. If it is, sod off you tosser!

Anywhos this is CAPTAIN DAVE signing off
Random four letter word: fast

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