Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Had a Ball!

Uh huh, it's true. It was on Friday the 11th and we had an after party...but you know I'm not in the story telling mood so here's some photos.
Edit: I don't know why Blogger cuts the photos in half, might have to just click on them to see the full thing.

Ooh, don't I look popular with the guys!

Even with heels I'm so short D:

sen and steph

We had white wine in the limo, although it only tasted like water hmm..

cha ching

And for the food lovers:
...our entre.

Great night for me, depressing night for Dave.
Random thing my dog is doing: Licking his paw

PS: I love you Dave!

1 comment:

Dubsy said...

Sucks it had to be on both my worst day of recent times and our anniversary. Glad you had fun.

P.S. You looked h o t.