Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Something About Nothing

Hey, hey you, yeah you. Whatcha doing reading this? huh?


So for starters, if there is anyone still reading this then let me apologize, I've been bogged down with so many university assignments. It's crazy, C R A Z Y - and that kids is how you spell Uncle Toby. Ohhhh, don't be a playing with Uncle Toby he'll mess you right up.

Wow, I'm in a playful mood writing this - must be because I'm really only procrastinating (I'm meant to be doing an assignment). So let's get serious for a moment, Love & Romance, that should of scared the guys away so lets talk about Thrush. I'm just kidding, I hate that advertisement too. But really, the weather in Brisbane has been so cold and rainy lately I'm beginning to feel that this is Vancouver, and to be honest it kind of scares me. Well more so umbrellas scare me. Weird, maybe, but when you're walking around and someone comes within centimeters of poking your eyes out with one of those bad boys and you don't flinch. Then come back to me and tell me I'm weird.

On the topic of umbrellas two things need to mentioned. One, be considerate and don't walk slow so the people behind you without the umbrella get drenched (you know who you are random person number #2056). Secondly, you don't run with an umbrella... You're not getting wet so why are you running!

Ok I'm done
See ya wouldn't want to be ya, not that I don't want to be you... Just I like me.

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