Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well Hello

Well it's getting about that time, there are (not including today) 9 days remaining before I fly out to Perth and then unleash a fury of tickles upon my girlfriend, good thing she has no internet as I'm sure she'd probably kick me to the curb if she even read that...Anyway, she's been on my mind alot lately, well more than normal, I guess it comes with having a girlfriend. Although, it was no where in the fine writing. What a treacherous life we live.

In other news, I'm kind of excited about, I'm going to start reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Mmmm the sweet literary taste of the 1980's, when it comes to reading I don't like to strike out much more stay conservative with what I know. However, I have been itching to get my hands on some Holmes after reading the hit T.V. show House was actually a homage to it. House, Holmes, Mouse, Bones, Rouse, Romes? Ok I last it on that last one.

So lately I've been having these awesome dreams, where humanity gets killed off by these flesh eating machine insects. Then I wake up to the sad reality that nobodies dead.... Just kidding I love humans, just not you. Ok, I'll bend, I like you a little, but don't go around telling people - that just isn't cool.

Anyway back to the solid grind called life, hoping these 9 days would fly by already.
Random Drink: Coke