Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ups & Downs

Today marks 8 months that I've been with Stephanie, who might just be the best girl in the world (sucks for those who arn't me). So, in the spirit of the occasion, here is a little something:

Today, however, also marks the day that I'm quitting baseball. After 15 years of playing, shame, and it's all because of Martin Jones, number 33 from Narangba. If you don't remember he is the faggot who fractured my nose. Anyway, after 4months of sitting on their asses the judiciary, the baseball legal committee or whatever you want to call them, let him off the hook without even a slap on the wrist. They said it wasn't on purpose, but how do you fracture someone's nose by accident? In baseball? I mean a fucking two year old kid would be a better sherlock holmes than this judiciary council.

So, as it stands, I had a month of pain in which I couldn't play and with me not pitching my team failed to make the finals. While on the other hand the assailent gets nothing, AND his team took our final spot. Where is the fucking justice in that? Congratulations BQI you piece of shit motherfuckers, you've done no justice to the game, or the players, this is a fucking disgrace. So let me congratulate you on losing a player, you cock suckers.

"I going to bite off your head and shit down your throat" Dave signing off.
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