Saturday, March 08, 2008

Go The Queensland Deads

Tonight I went to the QR QR (Queensland Rails Queensland Reds) game. Only to be dissapointed, once more, by a shocking defeat. I don't blame them, it's not their fault that the cheerleaders (which there are no actual cheerleaders) use the ultimate fear generating tool; the timpani. Who ever thought that an orchestral score would make an oppositions knees shake, should be shot.

Next is the mascot is a koala, mind a bad ass koala which by the looks wants to eat your intestines, alas we don't even have a mascot. It's more like the reds symbol. I mean why can't we get a friggen mascot, you know why? They spent all their friggen money on a conducter for the orchestral music. YOU DICK WADS! Let me put this is perspective, the Waratahs, NSW Team, had a guy dressed as their mascot, Tahman, repel from the roof of the stadium and land in the middle of the field. What do we get? Some 12 year old kids banging on some drums. Go team.

Angry Dave Outtie
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