Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gather round...

So, I've been working on this one for a while now, although I'm still not happy with it, I just haven't had time between uni, work, and a number of other commitments that I've been working on. Anyway, hope you enjoy.



It is the only word that could adequately describe my mundane life. Though, that is not to say that it lacks substance, I have plenty of that, three bags full in fact. It’s just that something is missing like an uncompleted puzzle gathering dust in the attic waiting for someone to finally complete it. However, I have a feeling that the day of the long sought after fulfilment is still a fair way away. And so I live my life in emptiness, fake smiles and pseudo laughter, while my insides are eaten alive by the uncontainable void, where true happiness belonged.

“Dane... Wake up Dane!”

“Ughhh” I didn’t mean to groan, but the sound came out as though it was a pre-programmed response to that statement, and I was on cruise control. “Five more minutes”

“You said five more minutes, twenty-five minutes ago”

“Ugggghhhhh” I was going to be late for work, I felt a compression in the bed beside me so I pried one eye open to have a look. And there she was, an angel fallen from heaven staring back at me. Every man has that ideal woman, that woman that they just can’t resist, that woman they put up on the pedestal. She was mine. We’ve been together for fourteen months, and still I get that wave of emotion when I see her, this can only be love.

Her sleek black hair draped over her shoulders, accentuating her perfectly smooth skin, which complemented her stern but gentle face. But the thing that made her stand out, was her eyes, those eyes held mysterious yet to be discovered by humankind, and yet when I looked it made me lost in their mystical abyss.

“You’re beautiful, Daphne” The words slipped from my mouth, she turned to me that smile, a smile that nations would send their strongest to fight and die for, only, they’d have go through me first.

“You always say that”

“I always mean it” I paused, sitting up right, “So what are your illustrious plans for today?”

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