Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ten Things I Adore About Nathaniel

1. I adore your assholishness it makes me smile while you make other people cry with your overly racial stereotypes and your jibber jabber like a jive turkey.
2. I adore the way you always wear shorts so that everyone can revel in awe at your hairy legs.
3. I adore your kempt but at the same time unkempt hair, it makes me wonder how long you spend making it that bad.
4. I adore your mustache which seems to stop in the middle, a polar mustache, it is great though.
5. I adore how you use the word 'prawn' as a means of saying owned, it gives me a whole new meaning to crustaceans.
6. Steph says she adores your showy socks, even though you're not wearing socks, so I have no idea what she's on about...
7. I adore the way that you have the second worst taste in movies, 'Old Boy' was horrible.
8. I adore the way you had that shot in worms perfectly lined up, but then at the last second changed the angle and fired it over your head resulting in you losing.... that was hilarious.
9. I adore the way you keep leaving your stuff at my place, by the way I may have lost your Xbox to TV connection and power cable... they're around somewhere.
10. I adore Steph, I mean Nate, wait no I don't I meant Steph, she's the best I love you baby, fifteen months of ecstasy.


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