Monday, August 11, 2008


If you've never seen 'The Garden State' it's about a guy who begins to live his life at the at age of twenty-something. And one of my now all time favourite sayings comes from this movie, where they are talking to this guy (Albert) who lives on the edge of an endless chasm. Just as they are about to leave, the main character (Andrew) turns to him and says:

Andrew Largeman: Hey Albert
Albert: Yeah?
Andrew Largeman: Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.
Albert: Thank you, and Hey, you too

Isn't that just, awesome? Because that's life isn't it? The infinite abyss. The future is so unpredictable, sure we can have plans but whether or not the train sticks to the tracks is another story. So, I wish you guys good luck in exploring the infinite abyss!


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