Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If I had a quarter every time I heard....

Can anyone really screw up the Olympics?
With all the restrictions and political nonsense within China, and Channel 7's coverage. I think they have found a way. Seriously, Channel 7 has had the worst coverage of the Olympics I have ever seen, why? They only seem to cover the swimming, have possibly the most unemotional commentators (and hence boring), advertise the hell out of their crappy breakfast show - which was not as funny as they said, replay the same races over and over again, and only cover Australia and America, and last but not least they use it to promote Today Tonight. Possibly the worst show ever invented by human hands.

Today Tonight, if hell had a t.v show this is what it would be. It's like a bunch of feature articles strewn together in a magical tapestry full of lies and deceit. It is basically a brainwashing program to tell people who they should love, who they should hate, and the reasons for that. And to an extent I think people believe it, which is why I despise it, loathe it to my very core. Not to mention the announcer is a complete bitch.

Anyway, stupid channel 7

P.s. Koche is a faggot as well. ARGH!!!

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