Sunday, August 31, 2008

MsnMsgr.Exe - Corrupt File

To blog or not to blog? That is the question. The answer, TO BLOG! Let us blog our guts out and cover the ground in blood, bones and organs. OK, so maybe not that much, but let us blog a little bit and share our opinions with the world, in the hope that someone reads and goes 'hey, this guy is right' of which I may or not be.

So, this week I got my first real dose of university, I ended up going in everyday of the week working on an assignment. I hope it was worth it, even if we don't get a good mark, I still have some sort of satisfaction in creating the longest document I've been a part of, 60 pages long. Awesome effort, though I am spent, exhausted. I just want to go to sleep for like a week, maybe a month.

Today was river fire and I tell you what, I have not heard so much public swearing in my life. It was disgusting really. Some guy couldn't finish a sentence without the word fuck added in. But the thing is about swearing is that if you use it often enough it loses it's effect, it no longer becomes that potent and people don't really care. So what happens when there comes an occasion where swearing is actually needed, e.g. you slam your hand in the car door. Maybe, they take it to the next level of being fucking fuck? Or maybe they turn into Robin from Batman and say 'Jimmety Jillickers.' We can only hope for sake of humanity that this is the case, personally, I don't want to be sucked into a void where this cursing becomes mandatory and our kids are taught how to swear before they learn not to piss their pants.

Dave out

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Atropos said...

I dunno about you, I learned to stop pissing my pants before I spoke my first word. Each to their own, I guess.

But yeah the next generation will come up with something worse. They always do. Damn kids.