Sunday, November 02, 2008

Belated Birthdays

I know that it's late, but still, Happy Birthday Stephanie! And just to spite that guy (you know the one) here is a birthday love poem. Other people avert your eyes less they be burned by the sight of an overly soppy gesture!

Stephanie, you are beautiful as the setting sun.
It is within your eyes that the key to my happiness rests
And as I look into them I realise that I need you.
Tis' said that home is where the heart is,
And if this is true, then my home is by your side.
But on this day of days when I regret that I am not with you,
There is hope my words shall reach your ears
And embrace you in the long, loving hug
That I so wish to give.

So on this day,
There is little more to say,
Then Happy Birthday.

I love you Steph.

Sorry everyone else! But it had to be done....


Steph said...

A bit late, baby. >:

PS. I still love you!

Dubsy said...

T_T, but now that she's seen it I can delete it forever MUHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

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