Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever been in the situation where two things that you love have been combined to make something better. Like when someone thought 'Hey, I like tigers and I love lions... So let's make a liger!' or my favourite when you do a poo and fart at time to create the ulitimate of mankinds creations... the shart. It's not often people can advocate the shart as it is highly frowned upon within the public arena, although it has made some excellent shock websites in it's time.

Anyway, why I brought this up was that there has recently been arise to a website which can only be described as awesomness in html or something like that. It's called gigpig, and what is it? it's a website that tranfuses a wonderfully crafted website, vital information about upcoming concerts by all your favourite bands (Where they are playing, the price, and the date). So be sure the check it out. The site is:

It will now be available from the side toolbar ->


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