Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I like to live life on the edge, for example today I did a poo in a public toilets. Now, you're probably thinking I'm crazy and I don't blame you, however, know that there was no cheek-to-plastic touching. I dropped it like an atomic bomb - which by the way was the mother of all drive-bys, you gangstas should take a lesson. I still got a rebound splash, that's the worst isn't it? When you do a poo to expel a foul piece of excrement and then all it comes right back at you.

Maybe this is where they got the inspiration for that Lord of the Rings scene where the fire balrog falls from the bridge but halfway down throws his whip up and grabs Gandalf - further truth! Remove the letters 'alr' what do you have.... I'm onto you Peter Jackson.


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