Monday, July 28, 2008

Brown Bagging It

It's funny, sometimes, the age gap between generations. Like how, for example, my grandad called his dog 'Skeeter.' While this may seem pointless to some, the term skeet, is African American (or Black Person - since all African Americans arn't black, and it's a stupid term) slang for when a man pulls his phallus out of the womans vagina before he ejaculates. So yes, sometimes, I do burst out laughing when my grandad walks around going "Skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet."

That's my dirty talk for today done... or is it? I like that turn of phrase 'or is it?' in any way shape or form, it can be used to make anything seem so much more mysterious than it actually is. Take these example:
I have a two dogs... or do I?
I had scrambled eggs today.... or did I?
You are reading this sentence right now... or are you?
Yay for words!

I've been wanting to write something lately, but just haven't been able to think about anything neat that I want to write about. Which is kind of annoying, if you know the feeling, if not imagine it's christmas tomorrow, but today never ends.

Anyway I'm out... or am I?
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